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5 steps
The first port of call when your graphics card is not detected to ensure it has been properly installed. Take off your side panel and unscrew the GPU at the rear of the case. Unplug your power cable and press the lever to release the GPU. Completely take out the GPU and inspect the motherboards PCI-E slot to see if there is any visible damage. If not, re-install the GPU, waiting till you hear the little click that signifies it is in. Reboot the PC and wait to see if you get a display. If there is still no display and your motherboard has another slot, repeat the process and re-install the …
Making sure you have the correct drivers for your GPU is a quick fix to the GPU not detected problem, that can resolve your issues in the time it takes to download. If you already have the most up to date drivers installed, it is worth uninstalling them and going for a clean install. As your GPU isn’t detected you are going to have to manually input your current GPU model into whichever manufacturers website makes your card. As you can imagine, auto-detect probably isn’t going to work! Once installed, restart and check to see if the problem has been resolved.
The chances are slim but if you have a particularly older motherboard and have bought a recent GPU, you could run into compatibility problems. There are a couple of BIOS changes that can be made at a later step so read on. Another issue that can arise is simply from having an underpowered PSU. It is no surprise that the graphics card slurps up the most watts in most gamers systems, so having adequate power is a necessity. Now, you don’t need that much wattage to power a PC but of course, this depends on what you are running inside. For a brief overview of what you may need power wise, you …

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