How Far Can Airpods Be Away From Phone

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1. Q: AirPods range? – Apple Support Communities

Q: AirPods range? - Apple Support Communities

2. How Far Can Airpods Be Away From Phone? | Tech Devised

Nov. 12, 2020 — How Far Can Airpods Be Away From Phone? … The company recommends that the optimal range of the product is between 30 and 60 feet. Ideally, that …

3. What is the distance/range of Apple’s AirPods? – Quora

Aug. 30, 2017 — There is no requirement to be near the case at all. However, the AIrPods must be close enough to the iPhone (or source of whatever it is playing) that a …
19 answers  ·  6 votes: Apple used W1 chip along with the Bluetooth v4.0. The optimal operating range would be 0–120ft …
How far can you go from your phone while …
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Jul. 8, 2019
What’s the Bluetooth range of the AirPods 2? – Quora
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Aug. 14, 2019
How close do the AirPods need to be to your iPhone …
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Dec. 8, 2019
Are Apple AirPods worth the money? – Quora
55 answers
Dec. 23, 2017
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4. How Far Can AirPods Be Away From Phone and Other Device

If you move out of the AirPods range, they will disconnect. The AirPods range is between 40 to 60 meters. However, the distance varies depending on the type of …

5. Range on AirPods – Reddit

Jan. 5, 2019 — Depend on what device u connecting since iphone only have Bluetooth 4.0 so the range is about 10 meters. If u have macbook with Bluetooth 5.0 it can go up to 40 …
AirPods distance from phone?: apple – Reddit
Sep. 22, 2017
How long is the range for AirPods to start disconnecting if I left …
Feb. 28, 2018
Question: how far can I separate my iPhone and my airpods …
Dec. 14, 2017
Distance: airpods – Reddit
Jan. 11, 2017
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6. How far can AirPods be away from the phone? – Hackanons

Jul. 16, 2021 — As far as the company recommends that the optimal range of the AirPods is between 30 and 60 feet. In meters it translates between 10 and 18 …

7. How Far do Airpods Reach? – Decortweaks

Airpods can reach up to 40 meters before cutting off. However, this also depends on the version of Bluetooth your connected device is using. Older versions of …

8. What is the Range on AirPods? – Alphr

Mar. 7, 2020 — The Apple AirPods are compatible with many devices, not only iPhones. You can connect them to many smartphones or tablets, as long as they have …

9. AirPods’ most-wanted tracking feature is coming in iOS 15, but …

3 days ago — If you have an iPhone 11 or newer, the proximity view will tell you the direction and distance, down to the exact inches you need to go to …

10. Apple AirPods: 19 of the top tricks for your wireless earbuds

Dec. 16, 2020 — Your AirPods do far more than just play music from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. We show you what you need to know.

11. Can Someone Use Your Stolen AirPods? – Gizbuyer Guide

Stolen AirPods can be synced to another iPhone as long as the AirPods are out of … distance in areas where your AirPods may be most likely to be stolen.

12. AirPods Pro review | Tom’s Guide

Feb. 9, 2021 — The AirPods Pro are the ultimate wireless earbuds, … Controls for the AirPods Pro can also be found on your iPhone in the Control Center.
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