How To Fix Fitbit Not Syncing Issue

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1. Why won’t my Fitbit device sync?

2. Solved: Versa is not syncing correctly. – Fitbit Community

Aug. 26, 2020 — I have to restart my phone , restart my watch and in the end it doesn’t work . Anyone planning to purchase the watch pls don’t they have syncing issues .
Solved: Charge won’t sync
Dec. 17, 2020
Tired of syncing issues?
Sep. 10, 2020
Solved: Versa won’t sync
Aug. 26, 2020
Solved: Fitbit not Syncing
Mar. 19, 2017
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Jun. 15, 2021 — Learn to troubleshoot Fitbit syncing issues with these tips. … Problems with syncing are usually because you’re not filling a requirement.

4. How to Fix Your Fitbit Not Syncing – Lifewire

Mar. 10, 2021 — Fitbit sync errors are usually related to the fitness tracker becoming disassociated with the smartphone, tablet, computer, or iPod touch it was …

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Mar. 11, 2021 — Why is my Fitbit time not syncing with the Fitbit app on my iPhone or Android …

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Sep. 27, 2021 — Problem #1: Fitbit not syncing. fitbit luxe review fitbit app daily stats steps. Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority. Fitbit trackers sync …

7. Why Won’t My Fitbit Sync? How to Troubleshoot Syncing

Sep. 5, 2019 — Start the Settings app and tap “Connections,” then tap “Bluetooth.” Find the entry for your Fitbit in the list and if it’s not connected, tap it …

8. How to fix Fitbit Charge 3 not Syncing Issue – The Droid Guy

Nov. 1, 2021 — If you are experiencing Fitbit Charge 3 not syncing issue, you’re on the right page! Read this post and learn how to fix the problem.

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Nov. 4, 2021 — How to fix Fitbit Versa won’t sync to iPhone | Fitbit Versa Not Syncing … If you are one of the unfortunate few to encounter this problem, …

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Oct. 21, 2021 — A common resolution for any problem is the simple old restart. If the Fitbit is not syncing restart both your tracker and/or your smartphone …

11. Fitbit Keeps Failing to Sync? 6 Troubleshooting Tips – Help …

Sep. 9, 2021 — What to Do When Your Fitbit Is Not Syncing · Check whether your Fitbit is charged. · Restart your Fitbit to make sure it’s working properly.

12. How To Fix Your Fitbit Not Syncing Issues – Novabach

Feb. 12, 2021 — In this article, we explain why your Fitbit is not syncing with other device or app and how to get Fitbit to sync. Click to read full post.